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What’s your blog workspace?

What’s your blog workspace?

I wrote last weekend about my problogging setup – which is essentially my blog workspace.

If you missed the article, it looks like this:

Today, however, I’m in St. Cloud, MN, about 80 miles from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul where I live and work – blogging with a large cup of hot java from Caribou Coffee and living off of their free wi-fi. My blog workspace today looks like:

Caribou 041208

I’m always interested in where bloggers blog from and how they setup their workspace – whether it’s a home office or a local coffee shop or drinking establishment.

Darren Rowse, over at, even released a video showing his “Problogger HQ”.

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Not long ago, Darren profiled several sets of Blog Workspace photos:

So what’s your blog workspace look like?

Post your links to photos and/or descriptions here and I’ll feature in an upcoming post.

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  • lol, you’re desk resembles mine, except that i don’t have a window to the outside… another interesting thing is that i write about similar topics as yours on my blog with a more focus on strategy and business of web development and blogging… WEIRD!!!

  • I write in my pajamas (so stereotypical, I know) in the middle of the living room in an IKEA chair I bought ten years ago. I use a laptop. It’s about as low-key as you can get.

    From time to time I do video blogs at the kitchen table. Yes, again, it’s very stereotypical.

  • I have an office at my house and so I usually work at my desk. Although, about 40% of the time I work on my patio – that’s why I won’t live anywhere without a covered deck or patio; since I’m in the NW it rains a lot. I think I’d get distracted at a coffee shop, also, I trust my own internet more than other places. What’s really odd is I think you’re in this coffee shop that I loved in St Cloud. At least it looks that way from your picture. I hadn’t thought of that place in a while. Strange.

  • I generally write in our Family Room that has the 15 TwitterBudgies flying about or residing on top of their trees, my kids doing their homework and me in my houserobe, worshipping lots of coffee.

    I do use an Ekornes stressless chair for my seating needs; that is my one indulgence.

    Data points,


  • Decent setup! Mine look pretty much the same, -1 screen of course. It’s neat to have not only multiple screens but multiple computers as well while diggin’ in.

  • My blogging set up looks like a white 1.83GHz Core Duo MacBook sitting in the middle of an otherwise empty dining room table.

    Very simple, but that’s the way I like to keep it, it helps to keep me focused on writing.

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