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Where does your traffic come from?

Where does your traffic come from?

Darren over at Problogger has a fine question for this weeks poll: Where does your traffic come from? certainly speaking to a lot of people recently there is a world of different stories out there, although generally speaking I’d split it this way: content driven/ discussion and news sites that aren’t geared to marketing, such as the Blog Herald tend to favor traffic from other sites and loyal readers, where as product blogs (gadgets, tech, clothes etc) tend to get a higher search engine return. What’s your experience? Leave us a comment or drop on by a leave Darren one, and be sure to answer the poll result.

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  • I would agree with your assessment. When I started my Windows Vista blog almost all the traffic came from Technorati and Yahoo searches, with a handful from the other engines. This contrasts markedly with the traffic to my personal blog, SYNTAGMA. Secondary and Tertiary blogs have very different audiences.

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