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Where should I visit?

Where should I visit?

Duncan Riley> All things being equal in about 2-4 weeks The Blog Herald will be sold to a new owner, and assuming the tax man does’nt take a massive cut I’ll have the ability, for the first time in my 30 years, to travel north of the equator.

Basically, there is a “bloggers” cruise set to depart from Miami in October with speakers including Scoble, Searls, and b5’s own Jeremy Wright to name but a few (the site isn’t live yet), and I’d really like to be on it, and so would a pile of b5media bloggers as well, and I’d like nothing more than to laze on a ship and finally get to meet some of the b5media bloggers as well.

This is were it gets interesting: its actually cheaper for me to buy a round the world ticket with Qantas than it is for me to fly directly to Miami for the cruise. So where should I go. I’m looking at the Tier 1 Economy off peak at $2549 AUD excluding taxes. Certainly I’d like to visit b5media bloggers, but despite being the most diverse blogging network in the world I’ve still got some gaps. Where should I go? It’s got to be blog related, and its got to go one way across the planet, and I’m happy to speak at anything you’ve got planned.

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