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Where They Pay You To Be Popular?

Where They Pay You To Be Popular?

No, I am not talking about high school, or some fashion runway show, but rather a social network where members compete to reach the top level in order to win $1,000.

(TechWeb) has redefined online social networks with the recent launch of a site that combines the basics of custom profiles and friend lists with competitive gaming.

Members play for social status and fortune determined by the number of profile views and the amount of money gained in “peanuts.” But at, the virtual world overlaps reality with cash prizes, modeling shoots and music deals.

Users can advance themselves by connecting to friends, uploading photo’s and watching advertisements, an ingenious way of generating revenue.

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Unlike most social networks whose aim is to connect users together with similar interests, pits everyone against each other. By allowing users to “upset” a rival’s hand in a poker game, XuQa has created a site that is a cross between American Idol and Survivor, with a gallon of Las Vegas added inside.

This site is very wild, and (IMHO) is not recommended for minors–or those who value relationships.

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