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Who runs MySpace?

Who runs MySpace?

Trent Lapinski asks a very fine question: Who Runs MySpace?

“I know the site was bought by Fox, but Fox didn’t start the site, plus much of the original staff still appears to be employed. For reasons unknown, no one seems to ask who Tom Anderson is, and most of all no one asks who Chris DeWolfe is (MySpace’s CEO). When I looked into who these guys pasts I found a web of issues ranging from rumors of running porn websites to possible connections to investment fraud. When I simply asked MySpace about these allegations they threatened to sue me.”

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  • I hate talk radio, there’s pretty much no useful information. It does however confirm what my source said about Tom not bathing much as being true.

    –Trent Lapinski

  • maybe that’s the whole point. the idea as to make myspace appear as organic as possible, ie. there is no god. they really do need to do something about their server though. i’ll say a prayer tonight.

  • I just wish someone besides me, preferably with a newspaper or legal team behind them, would break the full story on how the site came to be. While I probably know more than most people, I only know so much. I do know that Chris DeWolfe met Tom Anderson at XDrive. DeWolfe was the Vice President of Marketing and Tom Anderson was a lower level employee who made creatives and ran numbers. They later moved on to form ResponseBase and we’re running some kind of newsletter, ResponseBase was soon then purchased by Intermix Media (the spyware and adware company). From there for reasons I couldn’t really figure out completely ResponseBase kind of fell apart after getting bought by Intermix and DeWolfe and his team didn’t really have anything to do, a few months later MySpace was born.

    I know there is more to the story and I know DeWolfe had some weird things going on during this like being in this investment group, Fog Cutters, who’s CEO went to jail for investment fraud. I found a list of employees at Intermix and found the CEO’s wife’s name which I found a little odd.

    As for Anderson, rumor had it he didn’t shower often. Would sleep at the office, refused to drive a car for a while and took the bus everywhere despite having plenty of money. It was also rumored that he was making most of his money from porn websites he was running. I was never able to find any proof of this however. Anyway, just overall I was told he was a very weird guy. Unfortunately my source backed out on me on my story after MySpace threatened to sue me. I have zero reason to believe they provided me any false information and as I’m finding out more like listening to that podcast Green LA Girl mentioned it just confirmed what my source had told me about Anderson’s habits.

    I have nothing against the people who run MySpace personally, I just find it odd that they are so secretive. I mean pretty much all major websites and companies its common knowledge who and how the company came to be. Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo, etc. We’ve all heard stories about how these sites started. We’ve all seen these sites grow very obviously in front of our eyes with their CEO’s and founders in plain view. Yet MySpace pops up over night and not a word is mentioned about who and what they’re doing. Even if they were the most humble people on the planet, you would still think we would publicly know some kind of mission statement or something.

    –Trent Lapinski

  • It seems to me that they must be secretive due to the fact that every kid I know using the site has lost control of their systems due to various spyware, trojans and other malware. The site should be shut down and punitive action taken. Too many hours are spent recovering the computer systems of myspace users!

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