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Why I hold a Christmas Blogging Awards

Why I hold a Christmas Blogging Awards

Sorry my American friends, but PC has gone far, far to far when people are sacked for refering to Christmas instead of “Happy Holidays”. I’m not highly religous, but folks, whether you like JC or not, Christmas is still Christmas, whether you are a Jew, Muslim, Hindu or otherwise. And if you don’t like it, tough. This isn’t a political or religous blog, but Christmas is a time for family and friends as well. What’s bad about that? Don’t want to celebrate JC? fine, but those renaming it “Happy Holidays” in the States have gone too far.

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  • That doesn’t appear to have been the story.

    The employee was fired for the e-mail they sent (describing Christmas as a mix of various religions, etc.). Not because they said Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays.

    Nonetheless, I sent out non specific holiday themed cards. There are other holidays out there and a lot of people celebrate them. I’m sure the people I send to would be OK if it was Christmas, but I choose to respect their choice of holidays, rather than sending them a card that reflects my own. No one is renaming Christmas. Christmas is still Christmas. Hanukkah is still Hanukkah. Kwanzaa is still Kwanzaa. Happy Holidays is simply meant as a greeting that is inclusive of all when you don’t really know what one celebrates.

  • Duncan, it is only MHO (as humble as I can be LOL) but it’s a LOT more than PC! And has nothing to do with the US, UK or religion.

    Think about it – Kirby had a motive – to be helpful.

    The Catholic League had a motive – to impose it’s will on Wal-Mart and control Wally’s actions.

    Wal-Mart had a motive – it’s bottom line.

    Reading anything more into all of it is delusional. Self-will and greed win out again and the helpful suffer.

    And this – “an ignominious defeat for secular extremism is a glorious victory for America!” is pure bovine excrement!!!

    Of course, Kirby’s a he** of a lot better off NOT working at Wally-Rent!

    Way too early but,

    MERRY CHRISTMAS from a card-carrying U.S. Catholic!


  • The town of Havant in England has apparently abolished Christmas too. According to the Daily Mail, they’ve introduced a “Festival Of Light” celebrated by lighting up most of the town. But the real festival of light is the Hindu Diwali, held in November. So, not only has the council abolished Christmas, but its also turning the citizens of Havant into Hindus. Who do these people imagine they are?

  • Sorry, but I have to disagree with you here. There is way too much church and state intermingling going on in the US right now as it is. There are a number of holidays that take place at approximately the same time–Christmas, Chanakkuah, and Kwanzaa. We are not a “Christian country” any more than we are a “Muslim country” and therefore I agree with the generic happy holidays philosophy. Nevertheless, it sounds like the Walmart employee in question was a nitwit.

    I don’t find it innocuous or trivial when the Christian right threatens to take away a woman’s right to choose. I don’t like hearing that a pharmacist at Target refuses to fill presciptions for morning after pills because of his religious beliefs. You’re a Christian? Fine. But stay the hell out of my face about it. And happy holidays.

  • There is way too much church and state intermingling going on in the US right now as it is.


    You’re a Christian? Fine. But stay the hell out of my face about it. And happy holidays.

    It goes both ways. People are always digging around in Christians’ faces.

  • I think that much of what is good and positive about Christmas and the European traditions followed in celebration of the holiday are in danger of being lost; drowned in a sea of political correctness.

    I fail to see why there’s anything wrong in people celebrating their ethnic holidays. Yep — Christmas is one of those, too!

    Good on ya, Duncan, for standing firm!

  • Just to clarify:

    Like most Americans, I love Christmas, I celebrate Christmas, etc. Christmas is a major holiday in the US as in most Western countries. However, esp in a business setting, it is frankly bad policy to assume all your customers are Christian. If I get a Christmas card or someone says Merry Christmas to me, I don’t start screaming at them. (I’m half Jewish, half Christian, but identify more with the Jewish half). But to assume that the whole world is Christian is to my mind incorrect, presumptuous, and inconsiderate. I don’t give a hoot if Duncan does a Christmas thing. My point is that esp in urban America, which is multi-cultural, the fact is that some people do not observe this holiday in the literal sense, and I see nothing wrong with acknowleging this fact. Again, I say, separation of church and state! America is not a “Christian” country, no matter how many of us may celebrate Christmas.

  • I’m half Jewish, half Christian, but identify more with the Jewish half

    I’m also half Jewish, but I’m completely Christian- my point is, if someone says “Merry Kwanza (sp?) then I say ‘you too’, or whatever. Christmas certainly originated as a Christian holiday, but it is celebrated by all, so I don’t think that it’s in bad taste to say merry christmas to people who aren’t christian

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