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Why You Should Consider Syndicating Your Blog

Why You Should Consider Syndicating Your Blog

why you should syndicate your blog

The term syndication may bring up alarm bells for sound, as many people associated with duplicate content or spammers attempting to gain traffic off of your good writing efforts. However, syndication can be a great way to get more traffic and exposure to your blogs, as well as your social media profiles. As long as your syndication outlets give a link back to your blog where the original post was published, in most cases Google will not counted as duplicate content.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to choose high quality partners that are going to syndicate your most well-written posts and will give you more traffic in return.

Reputable Syndication Resources

One of the most well-known content syndication websites is Business2Community, which has a variety of topics, including social media, business, lifestyle, and news. In addition to syndicated content, they also accept unique posts from their contributors. You can apply to become a contributor after reading the guidelines. This website has a huge user base, with over 12,000 likes on Facebook and almost 42,000 Twitter followers.

Another well-known syndication platform is Social Media Today, which focuses on news and the social media community, including content on marketing, best practices, and the social customer. Users go through a similar application process to become a blogger on the site.

In order to find syndication resources within your specific industry, do a Google search for “blog syndication” + [industry keyword]. WagePoint has a list of content syndication resources as well.

Thinking Outside the Copycat Mentality

Syndication also goes beyond your posts getting republished somewhere else. Many aggregate news sources also use RSS feeds to publish links and excerpts from top blog posts in their applicable category or industry.

As the aggregate website niche gets more and more competitive each day, many of the aggregators are getting more selective about the RSS feed they choose to include. This can be a benefit to you if you have well-written, regular content that says something new or proves a point.

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In conclusion, syndicating your blog post can increase your online visibility, get more traffic to your site, and have more people reading your content. In order to get your content syndicated regularly, you need to focus on writing unique posts of substantial length (usually 300 to 700 words) that aren’t saying the same thing somebody else has already said.



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