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Wired goes a blogging

Wired goes a blogging

Wired have launched their first in house blog with Bruce Sterling writing Beyond the Beyond. Not surprisingly they are using the Tripod Blog builder, from parent company Terra Lycos. Rather disappointingly Bruce has gone for a no comment model with this post “Note that there is NO COMMENTARY ALLOWED in my pristine, high-toned blog here. Why? Because you might be a spammer”. We think most would agree that the ability to comment is of fundamental importance to most bloggers and blog groupies, and the closed model adopted by Wired for their fist blog does not bide well for their future success in the medium.

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  • The blog reads like something a person who had read a one page guide to blogging might put up if s/he had no real interest in doing it, but was either being paid by an employer to do it anyway (hummm) or loser trying (and failing) to score kewl points.

  • They could just opened up commenting and not have hyperlinks activated if spamming was an issue for them. It’s a bit weak to blame no capability for comments on spammers.

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