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WordPress/bbPress integration just got easier (is it coming soon?)

WordPress/bbPress integration just got easier (is it coming soon?)

The good folks over at bbPress (you know, the forum software made by the people that brought you WordPress) just posted about easier integration with WordPress. It looks easy enough, but I’€™m still waiting for the software to leave alpha.

I’€™d say this might be coming soon. In another post that went online in May, the first one this year, Matt wrote about bbPress working so well and adding ‘€œa good coat of paint before we consider taking it [bbPress] out of alpha’€?.

This spells nicely to me. Is bbPress perhaps rapidly getting closer to launch due to reinforced interest and love from the developers perhaps?

Too bad has nothing to do with bbPress, otherwise a service could be happening. On the other hand, a premium service for to add bbPress functionality?

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I don’€™ know! Just give me a public release of bbPress!

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  • I’m sure it is, it works like a charm on the WordPress forums for example, and apparently at 9rules Notes as well. Had no idea you guys where using it, cool.

    Anyway, I’ve had bad experiences with non-public releases before. Not that they aren’t working (which obviously could be the case) but because the development have taken turns and basically made updates from pre-1.0’s to 1.0’s a real bother. Although I don’t feel that the bbPress people are that kind of nuts.

    Thanks for the input Mike!

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