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Would You Snap Your Fingers For $5,000? (

Would You Snap Your Fingers For $5,000? (

Some people say its a virus. Others find it quite entertaining. But it seems no matter where you go in the blogosphere, Snap Preview’s popularity can not be denied, infecting popular tech blogs and personal sites alike.

But it seems as if the boys and girls at Snap Preview are not satisfied at where their technology is at thus far. So they are asking their loyal users who have installed this on 650,000 plus sites for feedback on how to make it better. Did I mention that they are offering $5,000 for the top three ideas?

(Snap Preview Blog) As you know, we’re making big changes to Snap Preview Anywhere… we have already made many enhancements this past week… and that’s just the start.

Right now we’re reaching out to the 650,000+ websites and blogs that use our technology and asking for YOUR ideas on how to make it better.

The top 3 ideas submitted on our blog will receive cash prizes:

1st Prize: US$2500
2nd Prize: US$1000
3rd Prize: US$500

But even if you don’t have any ideas on improving Snap Preview Anywhere, please visit the contest and vote on the ideas you would like to see on your site. Your votes and participation will help determine the winners.

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The company is even offering $500 for two users who leave the best comments regarding these suggestions. While many bloggers are suggesting more control of the layout of the preview, others (the smart ones IMHO) are suggesting ways to monetize the preview option via Ad Sense or something internal within the company.

Either way over a hundred suggestions have been offered thus far, with some people engaging in the comment section for the mini cash prize. Whether you love Snap Preview or rage against it as being an eye sore, one thing is for sure: Snap Preview is here to stay and may be coming soon to infect a blog near you (why, TechCrunch, why?)

Darnell Clayton blogs on Inside Orkut which has been infected with the Snap Preview virus (although his readers seem to enjoy it).

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