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3 Easy Ways to Be a More Prolific Blogger

3 Easy Ways to Be a More Prolific Blogger

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There goes that word again. Does a blogger need to be prolific?

The answer is yes. That is, if you want to keep offering your readers something new to consume and keep Google happy (it loves regular, new content).

It’s easy to give tips on how to be a consistent blogger and write regularly. Ideas come up a lot, but putting them on paper – or on your screen – regularly can be a different story.

The good news is that you can make some easy changes in your life to help you write more blog posts – and great ones at that. The ideas below may not seem to be directly related to blogging, but try them out and see if they work for you.

Take care of yourself.

You may think that you take care of yourself, but take a look at these questions.

  1. How many hours do you sleep?
  2. How regularly do you eat?
  3. What do you eat?
  4. Are you able to keep a schedule so that you don’t stress out when the deadline comes around? (Specially targeted at bloggers who write for clients)
  5. When was the last time you went out, or on a vacation, without working or thinking of work all the time? For that matter, when was the last time you took a real vacation?

Analyze your answers to these questions, and you may realize that you are not taking care of yourself as much as you think.

It’s important that your body and mind are healthy and in sync. If you get this right, then you’ll be in a better state to write more blog posts.

Endorphins, baby!

walk in park

It’s boring and unappealing to say ‘exercise’, so just think of endorphins, which are produced by physical activity. These endorphins give you some sort of ‘high’, so you end up feeling great, which leads to being a more productive blogger.

So, instead of thinking exercise, think of feeling high. Exercise doesn’t even mean having to kill yourself during a CrossFit session. Just go to the store and walk instead of taking your car. Take a stroll at the park. Go for a nice swim to cool down. Not only will you enjoy yourself, you’ll get that ‘let’s go’ feeling once you sit down to write.

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Meh. Who needs face-to-face meetings when all your friends are on the Internet? I totally agree with you, believe me.

Still, depending on how much you need live social interaction, you should do it once in a while. I am okay with once a month, even once every two months, but others may need it more often.

Whatever the case may be, socializing is like a breath of fresh air and takes the burden of ‘having to’ write more blog posts regularly.

Do you feel pressured in your blogging? Are you doing the things above? What other things can you do to help you feel better and write more blog posts that are worth reading?

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