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Yahoo! search results shake up

Yahoo! search results shake up

Reports are emerging of a big shake up of search results from the Yahoo! search engine.

Yahoo! advises that they made changes to the index that has seen an increase in pages in the index as well as some fluctuations in the rankings of results from previous searches. The changes are said to continue over the next week or two.

Strange results for me personally. The Blog Herald actually lost links out of Yahoo but the other sites were all up. In terms of search terms still seems to be roughly the same. How is everyone else going with the Yahoo! changes? Leave your comment.

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  • Up from #4 to #3. Interestingly, my old My Yahoo page has suddenly reappeared after a month’s absence. I had to recreate it completely and after much work, lo and behold, the old one re-emerges. Mysterious.

  • Yahoo is the BORG, assimilating the internet slowly. Yahoo, also owns and, which were acquired through the AKA purchase last year, plus the purchase of to add picture/photo searching technologies. Add these advances together into their main Yahoo search and they will be on TOP!

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