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Yahoo to offer VOIP

Yahoo to offer VOIP

OK, its not blog related but its still interesting given how many bloggers I know who rely on Skype for communications. It appears that Yahoo! is about to launch a VOIP service that is a whole lot cheaper than Skype, according to the Mercury News. Of course the question is will it actually change the choice of preferred client amongst bloggers? In my case just about everyone I need to speak to is on Skype, although Yahoo has one big advantage, and thats chat conferencing on the Mac, which Skype doesn’t do (and no matter how much I try I cant persuade Darren to buy a PC :-) )

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  • Technology limitations are one reason for this “customer loyalty”, but what would you do if both could support this VoIP over Macs?
    Major role for customer loyalty would be added values that Skype or Yahoo could provide to their users, like personalizing services.

  • What do you mean by “chat conferencing”? Is this something other that a multi-user audio call, because last time I checked, I was able to do that with my Mac version of Skype (along with my Windows-based contacts).

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