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Yes The Mac Blogging Challenge is serious

Yes The Mac Blogging Challenge is serious

Duncan Riley> I posted earlier today a Mac Blogging Challenge. I’m serious. So serious that what follows is the official media release I’ve lodged with PR Web. In the short time since the last post I’ve been surprised by the number of emails, many positive. If you are reading this from Slashdot, please post as a story, I’m not joking, make me a ginea pig. Here it is.

Leading Blog offers Mac Blogging Challenge

The Blog Herald, the web’s leading source of blogging news, has offered a challange to Apple Mac Suppliers: if Mac’s are superior to the popular Wintel model, prove it.

Duncan Riley, Editor of the Blog Herald, the web’s leading source of blog news today issued a unique challenge. If Mac’s are so good, prove it.

Mr Riley went on to say why: “In the past I’ve considered selling The Blog Herald, Why? To be honest its nearly always computer based. This week for example, Win XP on my maincomputer (I own 1 main computer, and between my partner and I, 2 laptops, both Win based on a WiFi network) kept playing up. Something about DHCP settings, and for the first night in 5 I can post from my main computer. Its beyond annoying, and I suspect the problem lies with the machine and its software, and therefore Microsoft.”

“I want to live in a world where I can always log on and it works. I don’t live in this world currently.”

Mr Riley laid out the challenge: “If Mac is so great, send me one; a mini Mac, with a PC Monitor adaptor and USB 2 4 port hub to fit my accessories.”

Not willing to take something for nothing, Mr Riley offered something in return. “The deal is I’ll give the supplier 1 year in advertising, format to be agreed, on The Blog Herald. Given the current rates I’m charging and selling it will be a bargain. I’ll also blog at exclusively my experiences, as well as regular updates on the Blog Herald as to my Mac experience in relation to blogging.”

The challenge is a first for the blogosphere.

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Mac suppliers have been given the challenge to prove their product, with advertising that will cover their costs several times over, irrespective of the outcome of the experience

Mac suppliers wishing to offer their wares for the challenge can contact The Blog Herald at [email protected], or +61 412844237 or Skype Duncanriley.

For further information visit

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