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YouTube defies MTV pull down effect

YouTube defies MTV pull down effect

Viacom earlier this month demanded that YouTube pull down all of its video clips after they failed to reach an agreement. About 100,000 video clips from Viamcom-owned properties including MTV Networks and BET has been removed. Viacom said its pirated programs on YouTube generate about 1.2 billion video streams.

Despite this, however, YouTube traffic still went up by 14% since the Viacom takedown order, according to LeAnn Prescott, Research Director of Hitwise. The increase was recorded between the weeks ending February 3 and february 17. Its average weekly traffic is also up by 7%. Here is Prescott’s full blog post.

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  • I believe the future for all TV channels is to be offer quality “internet channels” with a very small fee. Then people will prefer to pay a small amount to see whatever they want whenever they want

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