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Youtube trademark bitching gives bloggers more to embed

Youtube trademark bitching gives bloggers more to embed

I guess you all have heard about Comedy Central clips going off Youtube, which of course sucks. Well, perhaps not for media execs but for the rest of us it sure does. Especially me, I get John Stewart a week late.

Anyway, this whole ‘€œremove our stuff or die’€? approach has something good in it as well, since media companies have finally understood that they need to move up a notch online. Comedy Central is in the frontline with a new embeddable player, perfect for bloggers who want to make a post with Colberts’€™ twists and look like you actually thought that before him and just nods accordingly, like all bright people do. Or whatever.

At least it’€™s good that media companies evolves a bit online, which in turn should give us more tools to prove our stolen points.

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More over at Broadcasting & Cable, with hat tips to Lost Remote. You know, if they hadn’€™t written about it already I would have been first, I nodded my whole way through their post, I did…

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  • If now American TV networks would not check IPs, but rather use the originating country of the IP to target their ads, I can finally close my bittorent client and also watch the latest American TV series onlien without having to download them. (No I can’t proxy and change the settings of multiple clients just to watch online TV broadcasting ;-) )

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