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5 Tips For Stay At Home Bloggers

5 Tips For Stay At Home Bloggers

One of the greatest aspects of blogging is the fact you can do it wherever you like. With this type of freedom however, blogging may interrupt other activities we enjoy.

By learning how to blog faster we can plan our schedule accordingly. The process for becoming an efficient blogger takes time.

Here are some really simple blogging tips that you might find useful when you get inspired to blog. By sticking to a process that works best for you, you’ll find that blogging is easier to manage, especially when you can get it done consistently and within a set time period.

1. Find a Quiet Place for Creative Thought

When blogging at home you may find much more success by finding a place where you can hideout and write. A desk by a window is always a nice choice, but at a minimum just seek a room where the noise level is minimal.

2. Get a Timer and Follow a Process

If you set a time limit for your blogging then you will try to become as efficient as possible. Try to limit yourself to one hour and make the goal to have at least one post published. This should obviously include the necessary steps each post requires including, image sizing, editing, and formatting the post.

3. Notepad Always In The Same Spot

Get a notebook for jotting down blog topics and/or titles when they come to mind. I find all sorts of activities can lead to a compelling post. I don’t always have my computer on, or have time to boot it up just to jot down an idea. Sometimes I’ve emailed myself from my mobile phone, but I like good old fashioned lists because you can cross off posts you’ve completed.

4. Magazines / Newspapers

Grab a magazine or a newspaper and read a few articles taking note of the writers style. You might see a clever way to write a title or an introduction that keeps you engaged to read all of it. I love “stealing” little sayings that speak volumes, and it helps me think of my own too.

5. Real Story / Interview

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A great way to captivate an audience is to tell a story. Go visit someone you think your readers would be interested in and interview them for your blog. Write about a wacky neighbor. This is great for breaking the ice with readers who may be reading but not commenting, especially if they can relate to your story.

These are just a few things I like to do when preparing or researching a new post, the notes act as reminders of my thoughts on a subject so I don’t have to think about the angle when I sit down to write.

That last one is a tribute to one of my favorite writers, Mitch Albom a columnist with the Detroit Free Press, who can write with such a deep personal insight you feel for the people he writes about. He speaks directly with the people he’s writing about, sometimes visiting them in person to capture the level of detail he wants.

Try going out of your way to find something meaningful that others won’t, and share in the comments if you’d like to add your own suggestions on how to become an efficient blogger.

Guest Bio: Scott Golembiewski of TheDealerBlog provides blog consulting services to car dealers, small business owners and aspiring bloggers who want to increase their efficiency in creating high quality content on their blog.

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