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Blog Post Quantity/Quality Questions

Blog Post Quantity/Quality Questions

Bloggers often worry about blog posting frequency but also other writing metrics:

  • Does length matter?
  • Detail, how much is enough?
  • Does the time taken to post matter?

Does how we say matter as much as what we say and how often?

Part of the issue is we look to the most popular blogs for indications of what we should do. The very biggest blogs tend to post multiple smaller posts a day. Then there people like Seth Godin who attracts a huge audience with mostly daily brief posts with the occasional biggie.

On the other hand there are blogs (my own included) where one longer post a day is the routine.

What is the answer?

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There is no single answer, just do what works for you and your audience. You will have your own style, or maybe just go with the way the mood takes you. Same with your audience, they might prefer one type of post over another, and be sure to ask them, but just because things are done a certain way in your niche doesn’t matter another approach will not work, might even make you stand out.

The important thing is to get your point across. Don’t agonize over length or frequency, just provide as much value as you can.

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