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Bloggers and Business Owners: Starting Your Year Right

Bloggers and Business Owners: Starting Your Year Right

A new year has come again, and it’s the perfect time to start things right. Many of us may have made handfuls of mistakes last year, but this year signals an opportunity to realign things, to put them in order, and to begin anew. However, things left unfinished last year should not remain untouched; this new beginning is the best path we could take to fix or complete these things.

Some bloggers act like they’re celebrities in the blogging world. They divulge full details about their life and business. There is nothing wrong about that, since blogging is always personal and it is up to you to say and write whatever you want.

As a businessperson who blogs, it is unavoidable for me to reveal some details about what is happening inside my business. Many of my secrets are disclosed as I reply through threading comments, which I found harmless as long as the message is delivered in words that will not hurt my business strategy. However, I am not the type who announces everything about my business. I suggest leaving your serious mistakes as secrets, and having them fixed while delightfully continuing blogging.

As a blogger, I believe that you don’t have to delete your old posts or your whole blog to begin anew. Perhaps you can write a post to announce your excitement to do business. Excite your readers with your optimistic posts. Let them feel that something new is about to happen to your business. As a customer, it’s always good to hear something new about a certain store or product.

Dropping the idea of sharing major problems on your blog allows you to regain focus and solve problems without having to deal with blog commenters’ thoughts. This will also reduce the possibility of your competitors getting ideas on how to outsell you in your niche. Share your problems with trusted family members and friends, and those who can help you professionally. Just enjoy writing, use it to optimistically cover up your errors, and set your reader’s mood to positive. Otherwise, you may lose some valuable customers, because some consumers are wary of putting their trust in a problematic, shaky business.

It’s not too late to repackage…

The start of the year is perfect time to surprise your customers. Maybe, by this time, some of your readers are just plain tired of your blog’s look. They may not be attracted to your site anymore, and visiting your site may be giving them the feeling of reading an old magazine or book over and over again.

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Consumers like us love new things, new promos, and services, and it is more than enticing to hear something fresh from our valued providers. As a business owner, we should always put ourselves in our consumers’ shoes. Look for what they want to see, and seek what they want to feel. It is not too late to reinvent your business. Repackaging means changing or improving your blog’s appearance, your services, promo campaigns, strategies and consumer approach. Surprise your readers and excite your customers.

Planning is definitely advisable, but stopping at that is pointless. Do not hold your business’ progress by merely planning to improve. Organize your plans and continue to push yourself to allow these changes to happen. It’s a new day, remember, and your goal is to enjoy a bountiful year. The ability to make it happen is all in your very hands. You can create a new business this year if you wish with SEO Reseller Packages.

This is a guest blog by Warner Carter.

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