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When the Media Talks About Blogging

When the Media Talks About Blogging

Darren Rowse on TVI am happy to see Darren featured on Australian TV, along with Karen, Neerav. Not just because the book Darren and I wrote got a brief mention, but because I am happy any time the media writes a different story other than the old dismissive side of “journals, diaries and what my cat ate today” blogging.

It’s a shame they show Darren’s surname as “Dowse” and call blogs a “discussion forum”, but that’s still better than “daily journal of the authors life” which they usually say.

Watch the segment here

By no means am I saying directly monetized, “pro” blogs and working from home are the real story, just it is good to see another side. All too often bloggers are seen as being synonymous with “amateur” and “armchair quarterback” (which can also be true).

Many professional journalists tell me in private that they are more and more being expected to blog, and some are worried their careers are being eaten by blogging, but when you watch or read the traditional media, it seems this is forgotten and replaced with sneering and “and finally” joke segments.

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While I would never want to see the media wholesale switch from “daily journal” to “make money online”, which could be more dangerous than previous misconceptions, it’s good to see them actually treat the subject with a modicum of respect.

What do you think? Does the media get it right sometimes? Have you seen misleading reports about blogging? Please share in the comments …

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