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Great Firefox Plug-Ins for Bloggers

Great Firefox Plug-Ins for Bloggers

I abandoned Internet Explorer for Mozilla Firefox several years ago. But for whatever reason, I never embraced Firefox plug-ins. Perhaps it was laziness on my part or a simple misunderstanding of how practical some of the add-ons can be.

Now that I’ve discovered that the majority of my Web functions can be accomplished without ever leaving the Firefox browser, I’m hooked!

CNET’s Don Reisinger has published 15 of his favorite Firefox extensions for Bloggers.

Among the offerings:

Fire Analytics will allow you to view Google traffic stats without ever leaving Firefox.

Shareaholic lets you share a blog post with friends across multiple social networks

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Google Search Report Tool

Zemanta helps you find contextual additions to a blog post.

Are there any Firefox extensions that you utilize for your blog that you would not want to live without?

I must say, I’m also partial to Twhirl for Twitter activity and FireFTP for uploading stuff.

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