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Guest Post: How to be a better blogger – Alex Morganis

Guest Post: How to be a better blogger – Alex Morganis

Greetings, Blog Herald readers! My name is Alex Morganis, and I run the AMCP Tech Blog. Although I may be on a short blogging vacation, I hope to offer you some useful tips and good tricks for bloggers world-wide. Hopefully, some of the following tips will help you become even better bloggers!

Traffic – First off, maintaining healthy traffic is important. I’m sure many of you understand this concept, but how do you get that extra boost of traffic? Luckily, there are services such as BlogExplosion and BlogMad. Although BlogExplosion was sold, as reported by the Blog Herald, it is still one of the better known blog traffic exchanges. Both of these services allow you to send large amounts of traffic to your blog, using a form of payment called “credits”. These credits can be used to add a bannter, show text-links on other blogs, as well as assign traffic to your blog. Currently, both BlogMad and BlogExplosion don’t charge for credits, although BlogExplosion can allow you to buy credits with real money if you choose. Both of the mentioned services base their traffic exchange on credits. Using these services, and others like them, can give you a huge advantage.

Content and Design – I often hear people tell me that “Design is Queen, Content is King”. Although using traffic exchange networks can help with traffic, a good design and excellent content will keep readers coming back for more. If you have a blog with a black backround with grey text, no one will want to
go to your blog. If you use a service such as Google’s Blogger, or, then you can choose great designs for free. There are also websites that offer designs for free, such as Blogger Templates. As I said, content is very important. People won’t understand what point you’re trying to make when you’re using incorrect grammer. I suggest using some form of a spell-checker before publishing anything. Before publishing, make sure that what you’ve written is near perfection.
Editing something and then republishing it can annoy RSS readers.

Good Blogging – So, your blog has good traffic, design, and content…But what’s missing? I consider blogging like an equation with may variables. For example: t+c(d+b)= Good Blogging. If you’re not good at math, don’t worry. You may have covered all the bases of the things I discussed, but how do you become a good blogger? Cite your sources, provide a way to readers to contact you, and read other blogs that are in your nitch topic.

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Alex Morganis is a technical evangelist who has been writing about technology for over three years. He currently spends many of his online hours working on or writing for the AMCP Tech Blog, or playing RuneScape (and if you must play him, please e-mail him). He lives, sleeps, and eats technology information.

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