Help Someone and Feel Good

People say there is no such thing as altruism. Perhaps that is true. Fact is, helping other people feels good.

To me it doesn’t matter if I get a kick out of helping people, it doesn’t diminish the benefits the recipient gains so I find it hard to feel guilty about that.

My tip for you today is to go help another blogger. I promise you, it will feel great and we all need a bit of help, pat on the head or a boost every so often.

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You can help other people out in tons of ways, here are a few:

  1. Make a great comment
  2. Stumble or bookmark a good post
  3. Link to your favorite reads
  4. Answer a question in a forum
  5. Donate towards a good cause
  6. Buy another bloggers ebook
  7. Buy a book for a friend
  8. Send an email complimenting someone on their work
  9. Twitter about someone you like
  10. Forward a fantastic email to friends

All of these things will help your fellow bloggers and give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. If you are stuck for something to donate to, it would be great if you could read this article and maybe contribute.

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