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How an Inbound Link Can Improve Search Engine Rankings

How an Inbound Link Can Improve Search Engine Rankings

Marketing online comes down to one thing an Inbound Link.  These types of links are ones that people can click on and be taken to your website from somewhere else, for example a directory, an article, a search engine, or email.  There are 3 ways that an inbound link can improve search engine rankings to your business.

1.    Direct clicking – When a visitor to a different site finds there is an inbound link to your site an opportunity is presented for them to click through to you.  In turn it stands to reason that the greater amount of inbound links you have out on the internet pointing to your site the greater the amount of traffic they’ll send.  Additionally the benefit is that this traffic goes directly to your site bypassing the search engines entirely.

2.    Improve Search Engine Rankings – Especially Google check to see how many additional sites and pages are linking to you.  They equate this to importance and popularity.  Therefore if you have a lot of inbound links you’ll have a higher search engine ranking.  Obtaining many quality links is called “off-site SEO.’

3.    Search Engine Indexing – Search engines have programs that regularly search the internet.  They are called spiders, crawlers, and robots and they are searching the internet looking for more sites to add to their listing, and looking to update the sites they already have.  Therefore the more and better inbound links you have coming to your site the faster the spiders will find you.  This also means the faster the search engines will add you.

Article Marketing is by far the hottest trend in internet marketing today.  Studies show that when most people go online they are usually looking for information first and shopping second.  To increase your effectiveness the content must be informative and useful.  Advertising for a product or service is already saturated on the internet, people actually just ignore it.  Although, if something online teaches them on how to do something or if they can learn then they will look deeper to find products.

This form of marketing and obtaining inbound links is effective because search engines love websites that offer quality content to visitors therefore you can improve search engine rankings.  Search engines usually add new pages about once a month, but since they know that fresh content will be added to these sites on a daily basis they return more often.

It is important to understand the value of content you should begin by reading some articles that have already been published and posted to.  Look at how the article is written and organized.  Decide what kind of article is it?  Is it instructional or expressing an opinion and check to see if there are any referenced links?

When it is your turn to write and you have your article prepared for submission you will want to add your website to it as well to obtain an inbound link.  So where do you submit your articles to?  A simple search on Google for Top Article Directories will bring up a list of sites that rank article directories according to their page rank and traffic.

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Here is a short list of the top directories to submit articles to:

Don’t forget once your article is published you will want to place a link to it on your website and if you have a blog write a short introduction for it and add the link to the full article.  You want to make it easy for people to read what you have written and draw inbound links in a variety of ways.

By implementing a few techniques your traffic will increase and you will improve search engine rankings to your site.  If you are looking to have higher rankings, increased traffic, and higher search engine rankings then write more articles.

Guest Bio: Lisa Mavridis decided that in 2011 that she wanted to start an internet business (EasySixFigureIncome) and make money online. So here I am a few months in and I am on my way. I needed something online, since I have children and wanted to be home. In addition everyone else is doing it why can’t I.

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