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How to Find Work as a Remote Writer

How to Find Work as a Remote Writer

find work as a remote writer

Whether you’re looking to earn extra cash while staying at home, or for a full-time job across the country, there are plenty of options for writers. When thinking of how to find work as a remote writer, it can seem overwhelming, but there are more options than you may think.

Remote Work in a Nutshell

Working remotely essentially means that an employee is doing their full, part, or contracted job from a place other than a company central location. For many people, this means working from home in a dedicated office space. For others, it means flexibility. The ability to travel while having a job and earning the income to support that travel is a delicacy that not many people get to experience.

The pandemic was the beginning of the work-from-home boom, with so few companies staying in office during the initial year of Covid, remote working was the new normal. Zoom calls, emails, and pajamas during the 8 am to 5 pm hours became something corporate America didn’t blink twice at.

What does this mean for writers? Even more opportunities for remote work!

Remote Writing Jobs

There are several sites that cater to the job search where you can input the exact type of job you are looking for, and if you want to stay in the city you’re in or add in remote jobs as well. With the pandemic, hybrid and remote working became the new desired setup for writers and job seekers of sectors alike. When looking for a new remote job, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

  • Skillset

For writing, this is pretty self-explanatory, but when searching you will want to focus your searches to writing-focused jobs. With how broad writing can be, most job posting platforms allow for lots of detail when filtering searches.

  • Location

Even though you’re looking for something remote, the time zone may play a factor for you, so location is important to consider when searching for a new job.

  • Salary

The big question for so many job seekers is how much they will make.

  • Values

Think about what kind of work environment and culture you want from a company. Just because you are not in the office does not mean that the company culture does not shine through your computer screen!


In the grand scheme of things, there are none. You have the freedom to take your job search to the national level, seeking out jobs in different time zones from the East Coast to the West Coast. Writers have the unique ability to showcase their talents across the corporate sector. This includes IT, education, and virtually any area of work you can think of. There are always challenges. But those depend on your lifestyle and the values that you are looking for in a company. Things like being comfortable working in the same place you cook and sleep in, or getting Zoom fatigue.

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The benefits of working remotely are never-ending. Depending on the company you write for, you may have the option of flexible working hours. This means you get to work whenever it’s convenient for your schedule while still getting 8 hours in each day.

For freelancers, creating your own schedule is taken to a new level. This is because you have the ability to choose what projects you work on, and how often you take them.

One of the biggest challenges of freelancing is having a somewhat unpredictable payment schedule. If you consistently take projects from the same company or similar companies, you can predict how much you make in a month. If you accept projects in a sporadic manner, which is more common when starting out, it may be a bit harder to gauge how many incoming payments you will receive throughout the months to come.

Of course, if you have a full-time remote job you can rely on the consistency of your monthly income. But you may sacrifice the flexibility of your schedule.


Beginning a job hunt always had at least a small amount of added stress. Now that you have the benefits, challenges, and tips for how to find work as a remote writer, you will be better equipped to tackle it head-on.

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