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It Pays to Twitter

It Pays to Twitter

In future when people tell me Twitter is a waste of time I will have a story to back up my claim that Twitter can really be useful.

My story in fact could turn out to have multiple digit ROI!

It’s not possible for me to name names yet, but here is a break down of events

  1. I whine and moan about a certain service that is essential to my business
  2. Employee of said service provider notices me bitching and complaining
  3. Customer service dude is dispatched to help me fix my problem
  4. Problem is escalated to someone who calls me on the phone
  5. Replacement is agreed to be dispatched

So the moral of the story is if you have a problem, complain about it on Twitter!

OK, seriously, initially go through normal channels and I would never advocate bad-mouthing people in a public venue, heh. That said, it does show that companies are getting hooked into Social Media, regardless officially or informally, and those channels work.

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Of course I can’t post about Twitter without recommending you follow me.

Have you got any social media customer service success stories?

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