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Benefiting from Jargon in Blogging

Benefiting from Jargon in Blogging

Bloggers are often criticized for using jargon. As well as blogger jargon, because of the conversational and often rushed nature of blog posts, bloggers often use their own industry jargon as a short hand. This can cause confusion and dismay in the audience, but actually using jargon properly can work to the blogger and audience benefit!

There are three benefits to a good jargon approach:

  1. Source of content – Explaining a jargon term gives you something useful to write about and this is a content idea for any industry as each will have their own terms to discuss.
  2. Source of traffic – If you do not know what something means or stands for what would you do? Search of course! And what do bloggers do when they find a good definition? They link to it! I get a daily trickle of traffic for posts I have written such as “What is a meme?” and “What is a trackback” – try it, it works.
  3. Source of authority – As you begin to rank and get linked for these terms, it helps build your reputation as an authority in your niche. The more people see you linked, the more links, quotes and references you will get, reinforcing that authority.

Rather than dashing off a jargon word, take a note of any time you use jargon and make a post explaining it, then not only will your blog be more friendly, as you are providing explanations where necessary, you will also help your blog grow in content and traffic.

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