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Landing The Blogging Job and Keeping it

Landing The Blogging Job and Keeping it

The term ‘blog’ has been overused, with some still thinking that a blog is some sort of online diary. We all know that is far from the truth, as there are many large online media companies publishing content across many highly popular blogs. Although the commercial blogging craze has died down a bit, there is still a large demand for bloggers. You may be having a hard time finding that killer blogging gig and keeping it, so here are some tips to do just that.

In order to be hired into any position, you need some sort of experience or qualifications in order to fulfill the requirements. With blogging it’s no different. If you’re a creative writer and don’t have any published work online don’t worry, there are plenty of places to get published quickly and easily. Sites like and are stricter as to whom they let join and publish articles. On top of that, the article has to be of high quality in order to pass the review stage. Spend some time pumping out a few great, helpful, awesome articles to get published and add to your portfolio. It’s good practice and a great way to show what you’re capable of producing.

Finding blogging job postings is much more simple. A quick Google search will land you with plenty of places to apply, and sites like Craigslist sometimes have great opportunities. Take some things into account before you apply, with the first being do you enjoy the topic at all. Writers can get burnt out fast writing about the same topic over and over, making their work seem miserable. Don’t apply for something unless you’re in it for the long haul. This will show the owner that you’re interested in working for him/her, making the owner more inclined to order more work.

Taking pride in your work is a huge aspect when trying to become a blogger. Owners want people who are proactive with their content, are actively sharing their articles through social media outlets, and continually participating with readers. Walking that extra mile can lead you to more work, more people recognizing your name, and more opportunity for the future.

If keeping the job for a long period of time is your goal, then there are a few no-brainers to think about. Making sure the site is generating revenue and the owner can actually afford to pay you for a long period of time is one, and another being make sure to let the owner know that is what you’re interested in. Some blog or website owners simply want you to produce, rather than “write” and vice versa. If you aren’t pumping out those 5-10 short articles a day and instead taking days to research a longer article you might not last. There is a difference between literature and blog content and if that’s something you just don’t “get” – look into it.

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Hundreds of people make a substantial living writing for blogs online, with even more living comfortably. Its still work, and it isn’t all just fun and games, but blogging is the new age of media. Remember that not everyone is a professional writer, and if you are you’re in high demand right now. Following these simple tips will help succeed in the blogosphere.

Guest Bio: This article was written by Brian Griffeth, a regular writer for

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