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Prepare Now For Problems

Prepare Now For Problems

They say failure to plan is planning to fail. I thought I had planned but then things happen that you don’t expect. You learn, but have to deal with things. It’s how things go.

This week I have been unavailable for most of the time due to an emergency. All my planning has kind of gone out of the window!

My default advice for bloggers is to

  1. Have a set of posts ready to go live
  2. Agree with another blogger to help you out if you are unavailable, share user accounts
  3. Take regular backups

This is usually sufficient although of course you can do more to keep things going. My problem was my wife was my nominated individual to keep my blog going, but she was out of the loop along with me.

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The answer? Do a run through of your emergency procedures before you have a problem and try to anticipate issues. Seems common sense in hindsight, but these things often do!

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