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The 5 Beer Apps You’ll Need For St. Patrick’s Day

The 5 Beer Apps You’ll Need For St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is here again and with it, the need to go out and get ourselves sloshed on some beer. This time around though, we have our handy smartphone’s to help us with the task at hand. Here are some of the best apps you’ll need for an awesome St. Patrick’s Day:




Free on both iOS and Android, this great beer discovery app helps you find nearby beer favorites while also dishing out expert beer pairing advice.

Brew Gene

brew gene


Perfect for beer enthusiasts looking to keep tabs on the beers they’ve tasted, Brew Gene serves as a journal for your personal ratings, as well as a place to leave notes for future reference. It also helps you pick out a beer based on your taste preferences.






One of the smarter beer recommendation apps out in the market today, Pintley delivers specific suggestions based on your previous notes and ratings, tailoring its suggestions to your taste. It also sports a handy check-in function.

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Beer Prophet

beer prophet


Another beer suggestion app, Beer Prophet steps it up with an expansive beer info database, suggestions based on your notes and ratings, and the ability to check in and score badges such as with Foursquare.




A beer social network that allows users to share info and check in with other fellow beer enthusiasts, Unapped lets you connect with people – it’s like facebook with beer.

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