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The Best $50 I Ever Spent on My Blog: Part 6

The Best $50 I Ever Spent on My Blog: Part 6

When to apply…

This is a multi-part series on the lessons I learned while seeking a freelance blogger to contribute to my Web site.

It should come as no surprise that the majority of applications poured in as soon as the job was posted. Many people feel that if they are first they will stand out from the pack. This is true to a point. You should also consider the fact that being one of the first to respond can label you a job board stalker, and in the eyes of the employer, that comes along with a negative connotation. It makes it appear as if you are not interested in a specific job but ANY job – and that’s a turn off. One could make the argument – depending on where your job post appeared – that the first people to apply are actually your biggest fans. Each hiring agent will have a different take.

Based on this experiment, I do not recommend applying for a job in the days that immediately follow the post. First, given the enormous amount of qualified bloggers out there, there will be plenty of people sending their stuff at once, and that stacks the odds against being noticed. Secondly, I’ve been told that looking for an applicant is like looking at Internet porn: no matter what you see before you, you think something better will come along next. That being said, you are unlikely to hear back right away – even if you are first in line.

The applicants for the Jobacle blog arrived in the shape of a W. There was a massive peak, than a valley, followed by another peak (after other sites picked up the post).

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It appears that people who applied between days 7 – 10 had the best shot of getting my attention.

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