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The Best DIY Sites for Your Next Building Project

The Best DIY Sites for Your Next Building Project

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The “do-it-yourself” mindset has been around for years and years, but with tv shows, social media pages, and blogs dedicated to the art of home projects, the trend has become increasingly popular. We will dive a little deeper into 5 of our favorite DIY sites to help with your next building project and the benefits of each.

Here are 5 helpful sites to get you started:

Ana White 

Ana White is one of the greats behind the DIY wood-building movement. People no longer wanted to go out and buy bedframes that didn’t fit their needs, style, or hold up to their standards. They wanted to make their own. This goes far beyond bed-frames, as White has hundreds of plans for free on her site to follow ranging from chicken coops to coffee tables, and even a space to help you bring your own designs to life. Her knowledge and experience with woodworking and wood-based projects are unmatched in her field. She even gives a guide on how to get started, and the best tools to get you the final product you are envisioning.

Today’s Homeowner 

Being a homeowner means taking on projects on your own sometimes, or with the help of your partner if you have one. Today’s homeowner has blogs, podcasts, and videos to assist in every area of being a homeowner. From remodels and installs, to finding the easiest way to do everyday projects, and navigating different seasons, they have a resource.

The Home Depot Blog 

Home Depot isn’t just the place where “doers get things done”. But it’s also a handy tool to help with your at-home projects. Plus, their website is one of our great DIY sites. They have a feature that allows you to calculate how many materials you will need for your project. This saves you money whether you plan on actually purchasing those materials from Home Depot or not. This also is a small step to help out the environment with less waste. Whether you are thinking of doing a bathroom remodel or building a new deck, you are sure to find some helpful tips.

Vintage Revivals

Mandi Gubler is a self-taught DIY and decoration guru. She prides herself on starting from scratch and just going with her gut on all of her decisions. On her blog, she mentions how important it is that your home looks like the person, or people, that live in it, rather than what society or this year’s trends want it to look like. She has plenty of tips for your building projects, including the basics of concrete flooring if that is something up your alley. She is very open about her family and personal life, her struggles, and what she finds valuable. Her decorating style is personal and she brings that into her blog posts.

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Taking something old and making it feel new is what remodeling is all about. It’s not only great for the environment, but it brings a sense of belonging to your home and your furniture. Remodeled pieces can stem from broken, forgotten, or out-of-use pieces, and give them new life. Remodelaholic does just that. They focus on both building projects and everyday crafts. There is even an up-cycle portion of their page. It tells you how to take those old and washed-up items and turn them into shiny new pieces. They can transform your space or the lifetime of the piece itself.

Wrap Up

As a homeowner, you will want a village on your side. Though it is not the same as raising a child, having help from multiple sources is incredibly beneficial. Your next building project may be a bed or a piece of furniture that you want to give a chance at a new life. No matter what it may be, this list of DIY sites will give you endless resources to make your do-it-yourself dreams come true.

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