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The Joy of Interviews

The Joy of Interviews

The other day I posted up another interview over at Performancing, this time with an expert affiliate, “Sugarrae”. Check it out, it’s really good.

Someone just asked if I will be doing more. Of course!

I’m a big fan of interviewing people. Interviews are amongst my favorite type of blog post.

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  • They are fun
  • You can get answers to your own burning questions
  • Your blog gets valuable content
  • The interviewee gets promotion and links
  • It’s not necessary for YOU to be an expert, you bring experts in
  • At the very least a nice way to meet people

Getting an interview is a case of asking politely. If people have time they will generally agree but it helps if you know them a little first. Perhaps engage them in conversation in Twitter, in their comments or a forum first.

How to Approach Blog Interviews

  1. Be aware of time, do not be too greedy
  2. Prepare questions in advance
  3. But be flexible and go with the flow
  4. Try to think of what will be of interest to readers
  5. Avoid anything that will make the interviewee uncomfortable

Have you got any interviewing tips to share? Love interviews? Hate interviews? Let us know in the comments …

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