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Tips to Charge Your Business Ahead Using Social Media

Tips to Charge Your Business Ahead Using Social Media

A business needs momentum to sustain itself. For momentum, growth is essential. There are many ways in which you can see growth in business. For instance, advertisements, marketing promotions, extending offers, freebies and discounts. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to ensure quality products for all this to work.

To give your business a real boost, you can use other avenues too, the internet being a prime example of taking your business forward. In fact the net has taken shopping and allied services to a totally different level. With a large number of online shopping sites, consumers can explore shopping options they would seldom have had access to. The net is also a boon for small businesses to spread the word of their existence. Your website will generate more footfalls when a larger number of people are aware of your products and services. And what better way to do it than the social media sites? The sheer reach of Twitter with its 100 million users, Facebook with 800 million devoted users and LinkedIn with 64 million in North America alone is nothing short of staggering.

Let’s take a look at Facebook for instance. According to latest statistics, 56% of consumers believe that once they become a ‘fan’ of a product, they will go on to recommend it to their friends and family. Around 35% of marketers have furthered their leads using Twitter. So the impact of social media sites is enormous and you will do well to cash in on it.

Here are a few ways that you can power your business using social media —

Personalize your product

It is not a one size fits all when it comes to the Internet. Consider the demographics and who your target audience is before you write literature for your business. Make it personal, keep it simple and fill it with information that everyone, teenagers and adults can use.

Work on your website

A typical user is not going to take just your word for your product being great. He or she is probably going to do a search to learn more. So spend some time on your site and make sure that when a user lands there, that visit is converted to sales. Keep the design user-friendly and the information accurate if you want your presence on social media sites to convert into earnings for your business.

Be truthful

Do not promise something and deliver something else. News- good and bad- travels fast on the internet and you can find yourself badmouthed or blacklisted for a shoddy product. Be clear in your description and deliverables and you will see your business flourish.

Connect the dots

You will do well to remember that media sites and blogs are an extension of your business and not independent entities. That means your business goals, whatever they may be-creating opportunities or generating more business- have to be written clearly and followed meticulously.

Build anticipation

A sure way to get people to notice what you have to offer is to give them a teaser- a little peak into the forthcoming products and services from your side. This will create buzz and people will talk about it, building anticipation.

Use multimedia

Videos, music and technology all make for an interactive presentation that will engage your audience and keep them interested. YouTube is a great way to feature your products and you can link the videos to your social media page.

Get in touch with your audience

Use social media sites to get feedback and respond to queries, complaints and suggestions. Interacting with your audience will ensure that you stay connected and improve your products.

Give Back

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Customers need to know that they are valued. It is not enough that you take their feedback and then respond; you could also consider offering repeat customers value-added services and extra benefits. This will surely create goodwill and help gain more customers.

Track the sales

Your plans are working and your business is getting noticed. Great! But to ensure that it always stays that way, you should use tools like Google Analytics and URL tracking to see if you are doing generating enough business and what you can do to better the same. Remember, while the success of your business can be measured by the number of people following it, it is what you do with that group of people to extend and expand the base that will make a difference in the end. Customers often share feedback on Twitter and Yelp, so pay attention.

When you receive less than favorable feedback, take all steps possible to resolve the issue at the earliest. This will ensure that there is no bad mouthing and eventual loss of sales.

Know your sites

Social media sites are different to one another. For instance, MySpace has a typical young demographic and Quora attracts people who seek information. Know your audience and then decide where you want to make your presence felt.

Sites like Pinterest and Tumblr are hugely popular and along with other established players like Facebook provide enough and more opportunities to enterprises big or small. Use the net wisely and see your business take off to even greater heights.


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