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Top Google Chrome Extensions For Google+ Users

Top Google Chrome Extensions For Google+ Users

Google has done it again. There’s a new browser in town and Google has pulled out all the stops to bring users a seamless experience. Google Chrome is a popular new browser that combines a simple design with complex technology while providing searches that are lightning fast plus much more.

One of the best parts of Google+ Chrome are the extensions. They make interacting fun, easy and provide a fuller experience. Here are some of the best ones (in my opinion). They have all been tested and work as they were designed to.

The Top Extensions That Make Your Life Easier

1. +Photo Zoom – This is an excellent feature that allows you to zoom in on photos that are inside the Google+ Stream. All you need to do is go over the image that you want to zoom in on and this feature will let you load a larger version your picture. You also have several options: you can zoom when you press on the key; or you can choose a zoom delay time; you can zoom images on Google+, Picassa or any external image and you don’t even need to open the file.

2. Replies plus more – Another great feature is the “Reply” and “Reply to Author” options that allow you to respond to friends and contacts quickly and easily. You can reply and even mention other users. We hope these features will be default options for the browser. It sends a number to your favicon to let you know if you have a new message. There is a shortcut as well. To use it all you have to do is press Control + Enter and then Shift + Enter if you want to send a comment. The header bar follows as you scroll down with an accompanying dropdown feature. This feature also gives you other options for sharing.

3. Adblock – No one likes looking at ads and Google Chrome has made it so you don’t have to. In fact, this extension makes it possible for you to never see ads again. It’s a free extension and it will immediately block annoying ads. This will keep you safe from sites that record your data on their internal database. This one is a must-have.

4. Surplus – This features has a notification beside another one embedded in the browser bar. This is in addition to what you find on the Google+ page. You can see alerts while browsing on any page. You can even connect with friends without the need to go to the Google+profile page. You can post within a popup in addition to responding to contacts. You also receive Desktop alerts and can easily switch back and forth between several different google accounts with ease.

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5. StayFocusd – Most of us have a hard time staying focused when it comes to working on the computer a lot. The StayFocusd extension helps you to accomplish all that you need to do so you aren’t wasting a lot of time on sites that aren’t related to the work that you have to get done. It is excellent for people who work from home.

Geeksdesk, Computer World and WebTabLab all have ideas on some essential extensions for work or play. There are loads of extensions that are worth taking a look at. There are all designed to add value and ease to browser functionality. There is something for just about anyone and their specific needs.

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