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Using Facebook Timeline for Online Branding

Using Facebook Timeline for Online Branding

Social networks are a juggernaut when it comes to online marketing. You can easily reach more people by using social networks in promoting a product or service, while directly communicating with your target audience, something that traditional advertising can never do. With social media marketing still in its relative infancy, new tactics and strategies are still being formed as we speak.

One of the new strategies for online branding is presenting a strong Facebook page. Facebook is arguably the most popular social network on earth. And unlike Twitter (that other social network giant), Facebook balances content with a more visual bent, which makes it a better vehicle for online branding.

You can create a Facebook account for your product or service and from there build your Facebook following. You can give your Facebook page better branding by using your logo or other related images and put them on the Facebook Timeline Cover – that huge space at the top of Facebook Timeline. But the Facebook default is that you can only put one photo or image on that space at a time, which may not work as well if you want to present a number of images for branding purposes. There is a solution, however. is an easy to use online service that will let you post multiple images on the Facebook Timeline Cover. With this handy service, you can put images of not just your logo but also the images of your products or services all at the same time. basically allows you to use Instagram photos in making a photo collage that you can post on your Timeline Cover.


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To use Insta-Cover, visit and log in using your Facebook account. You will receive a prompt to install a Facebook app. After accepting this, you will be led to the Insta-Cover site where you can now personalize your Timeline Cover image. Access the Instagram account you created that contains your branding images (logos, product shots, etc.) and use these as the images that will appear in the photo collage that will generate. Once you’ve approved the preview image, it will be saved directly to your Facebook photo album. All you need to do is to go to your Facebook account and choose the photo collage as your Facebook Timeline Cover. Now you have a highly personalized Timeline Cover that strengthens your online branding.


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