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How to Make Videos Search Engines Love

How to Make Videos Search Engines Love

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I see videos. Videos everywhere. And you probably see them, too.

Wherever you look – Facebook, blogs, and even Instagram – videos are all the rage. Whether they are short clips less than a minute long or longer TVC-like videos, these materials catch people’s attention when properly created.

But how do you ensure that people actually get to see your wonderful video? There is, of course, social promotion and outreach, but search engines still rule. You’ve got to make videos search engines love. You’ve got to make sure you optimize your videos – titles and descriptions, for example – so they get ranked higher and therefore have better visibility.

There is more that you can do, however. And that’s what the graphic below is going to show you. Don’t just create videos. Make sure you go beyond the script and visuals. Optimize your video to get maximum results.

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