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SchwarzTech: Interview with NetNewsWire’s Brent Simmons

SchwarzTech: Interview with NetNewsWire’s Brent Simmons

SchwarzTech published an interview with Brent Simmons last month that’s worth linking nearly a month later. Brent is the creator of NetNewsWire, a very popular Mac feedreader (the one that I use as well)…

Eric: Finally, where do you see the RSS landscape in the next few months or years? Do you see it exploding like everyone says, or do you see it leveling off and that’€™s it?

Brent: I think it will get very, very, very large. I think it’€™s already probably bigger than most people realize and there are people using RSS that don’€™t even realize that they are using RSS. Part of the popularity will come from that, just finding RSS making it into more and more applications of various types, but at the same time I think that the technology itself has become easier and easier to use. Right now, it’€™s still kinda difficult’€”you have to seek out feeds, and figure out what to subscribe to and all that kind of stuff. When people in general don’€™t really think that way, they tend to think more about the things that they’€™re interested in. It’€™s a question of making it so much easier for people to use than it is right now.

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