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5 Best Online Interviews About Blogging You Haven’t Read Yet

5 Best Online Interviews About Blogging You Haven’t Read Yet

As a blogger, it is important that you keep abreast of blogging updates so that you are informed of the best practices and tactics that you should incorporate in your strategy.

Aside from dedicating time to read posts about blogging from trustworthy sites, you can also read up on interviews of the best and top bloggers within your niche.

If you have been doing exactly this to improve your craft, then you need to read the ones featured below to give you a better idea on what blogging is and how more it can be for you.

TalkingLocal – Interview with Neil Patel

at BrightLocal Blog

Neil Patel needs no introductory. As one of the most well-renown online marketer who founded CrazyEgg, QuickSprout, and KISSmetrics, Patel has made a living applying his expertise to help online businesses meet their goals. If you’re not familiar with Patel, this interview is a great start to help you find out what makes him great.

About planning out a piece of content for publishing:

Quite a bit, everything from figuring out what I’m going to write about, the main points I’m going to talk about, who my audience is. Once I figure all of that out, I then start writing it. After I write it, I schedule it to be published. Once that’s scheduled, I figure out who I’m going to email that can potentially clean it out, maybe ask them for a link to anyone that’s relevant within the article. I’ll write emails to let them know that I linked to them, so that way, they can share it or link to it from their website, whatever it may be. Right? We put in a lot of time into every single blog post.

How to Grow Your Business Like One of Australia’s Best Wedding Photographers

at Blog Tyrant

Ramsay Taplin created a section in this blog called Tyrades where he interviews people outside the blogosphere. This allows readers to defamiliarize themselves with blogging from how they see it and apply a different profession to see how blogging can be approached from a non-standard point of view.

In this interview, Ramsey chatted with Australian photographer James Field about his tips and tricks on how he grows his client base and schedules his bookings ahead of time. The topics may not be directly related to blogging, but Ramsey provides takeaway points to make the connection.

For more interviews with professionals from different industries and how their tips can be applied to blogging, click here.

Darren Rowse Problogger Interview

at Small Biz Intelligence

Darren Rowse Problogger Interview from Small Biz Intelligence on Vimeo.

If you want to learn blogging’s best practices, then take advice from one of the most successful ones. ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse has made a living blogging and exudes authority in this subject matter. The video above is an excellent primer about Darren not only as a blogger but also as a person.

A Taste of Koko Blog by Jane Ko

by firstsiteguide

Food blogging is a growing niche in the blogosphere. However, as with most popular blog niches, this type of blogs are one too many online, especially when each blog isn’t offering anything new and distinct to reader. Jane Ko’s A Taste of Koko brings a refreshing approach on how food in viewed through her words. Her success warranted an interview at firstsiteguide, which reveals some of her blogging practices that readers and beginning food bloggers may find useful.

About encouraging people on making their blogs:

See Also

Depends on what you’re hoping to get out of a blog. If you’re looking to make money, no. It can take months or even years before you can generate any revenue or have any brands that are interested in working with you. If you’re looking for a creative outlet or looking to build a portfolio, then yes! My blog has helped me open many doors to job opportunities that I may not have been considered for if I only had my resume.

For more interviews at firstsiteguide, click here.

BCIS 30: Learn Blogging Strategies From Adam Connell

at Blogging Cage

Adam Connell launched Blogging Wizard in 2012 to share and educate beginning bloggers from his experiences as a professional blogger and marketer. This interview conducted by Blogging Cage owner Kulwant Nagi gives readers a glimpse of Connell’s career, as well as his indispensable blogging tips and advice that has governed him to his success. At the end of the interview, Connell is just like every blogger out there trying to make an earnest living online.

About the best ways of using social media:

Figure out your target audience and go to where they are and don’t forget that communities and groups exist for a lot of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

Share what’s valuable to your audience, but don’t overwhelm them. Be authentic and remember that promoting your content through social media doesn’t just mean press the tweet button once and that’s it.

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