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Shorter URLs With

Shorter URLs With

to.lyDo we really need yet another URL shortener service? I guess we do, if nothing else but to get even shorter URLs for our slightly compulsive microblog link pushing. The most recent one is, created by Jonas Lejon, who also did the Twitter backup service. So why did he venture into URL shortening? Aren’t the competition good enough?

I’ve got so many crazy ideas about what is possible to do with an URL shortening service and I needed to use one for my projects. Also, I couldn’t find any PHP code examples on any of the popular services.

What separates from other shorteners?

Right now: An easy to use API with code examples (Python, PHP, unix command line), shorter urls than, TinyURL etc. In a few weeks there will be much more cool features.

A lot of people wonder how URL shorteners make money. How will you monetize

I can’t reveal much right now but there will be some cool features within the next weeks related to this.

Check out and the API for more.

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