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The little site that could: Seekscan taking on the big guns

The little site that could: Seekscan taking on the big guns

Duncan Riley> There are plenty of search tools on the web, some providing original search, others utilising the big players, and then there is Seekscan. I’ve had the pleasure of an email interview with Seekscan founder Jeffrey Kang, and this is a little bit about Jeffrey and the Seekscan network.

DR: Why and when did you start SeekScan?
JK: I started SeekScan network in 2003 to explore the opportunities in Web search. I wanted to have easy access to different search engines and know clearly which results are from which search engines. The first website we finished is
DR: Where did you go from there?
JK: Then we decided to make the interface more fun, and with inspiration from Friendster, came up with Queryster. Along the way, we also developed GoogleBlaster, SearchFight, FreshGoo, ViaFinder Web search software, and Botlet. Thanks in large part to bloggers interested in Web search, Queryster has received quite a few positive feedbacks and comments, and because of this, became the most popular one of the bunch. Now we have decided to focus on Queryster, make it more usable and functional, add more features and content to it.
DR: Where are you based?
JK: I founded SeekScan in California, and went back to Shanghai, my hometown, with its lower costs of everything, to establish a development base to make it happen. It’s been privately funded from the beginning.
DR: What else are you doing?
JK: Besides developing Web search tools and sites, we also do custom website development from outside clients to pay rent and keep the lights on. And we hope Queryster will help bring in some leads in that regard also.

Queryster is a great site and a part of my regular tracking of how the Blog Herald is listing in the search engines. If you’re interested in searching multiple sites without having to visit them each individually, than the seekscan network is ideal.

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