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The Media Is Hiring Says The Media Is Dying Folks, Launches First Microblog Network

The Media Is Hiring Says The Media Is Dying Folks, Launches First Microblog Network

themediaishirinYou might remember the interview with the folks behind The Media is Dying Twitter account, tweeting away about layoffs and other nasty things that is hitting old an new media hard in today’s financial situation. Well, now they’re optimistic, and spins off their Twitter account with a new one, called The Media is Hirin’, which is a lot more positive than the previous one to say the least. I caught up with the anonymous gang for a quick Q&A about this new venture.

What’s the idea with the themediaishirin Twitter account?

TMIH is a resources that enables a person who has been laid off from the media industry to get back into it by creating a 140 character resume and post it up with their skills – we’ve had some amazingly creative entries.

Will companies be able to buy an ad on themediaishirin account?

That is certainly something we’d be interested in pursuing – contact us at [email protected] to discuss.

I’ll grant you that free ad… How can your other Twitter account, themediaisdying, and themediaishirin work together?

They do seem to be enemies don’t they?! It’s a symbiotic relationship though really once feeds the other although we look forward to a day when both services aren’t needed.

Is this the first Twitter microblog network?

Not sure on this one – for example Gawker has feeds for each blog if that counts – media bistro too etc but we think we’re the first non-blog based network on Twitter.

I don’t think we can count semi-promotional Twitter accounts in this, so unless someone objects, I’ll dub themediaisdying/themediaishirin the first Twitter microblog network. For more on this, check them out on Twitter (links above, obviously), and read the interview for more on their thoughts on things.

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