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What’s Your StumbleUpon Rank? Introducing StumbleRank

What’s Your StumbleUpon Rank? Introducing StumbleRank

Are you a fan of StumbleUpon as a means to share cool stuff — and, perhaps, from time to time, gain a small boost in traffic should your site get Stumbled?

Would you be interested in getting to know fellow Stumblers, particularly by their Stumble ranking?

If the answer to both questions is “yes”, then it may interest you to know of a new service called StumbleRank, which is a new service put together by Muhammad Saleem, uber-social-media maven (and former BlogHerald author, I might add).

StumbleRank can pull in data through StumbleUpon to rank any given profile, and put them in order.

“But, which order?” You might wonder — as the StumbleUpon algorithm hasn’t yet (or probably ever will be) published.

Well, based on statistics that are publicly available for every single profile, StumbleRank allows you to make those decisions for yourself. Based on categories such as the number of pages, photos, and videos that any given Stumbler has Stumbled, and (perhaps more importantly) based on the number of fans and user reviews that a Stumble has acquired, it is now possible to sort your favourite profiles — perhaps yourself — against a list of other StumbleUpon profiles.

At this time StumbleRank isn’t able to pull in profiles automatically from StumbleUpon, so you’ll have to add a profile yourself to a growing list of profiles that can be found on the main page.

I had a chance to interview Muhammad Saleem to ask a few specific questions, and what follows are some paraphrased answers.

1. Why did you put StumbleRank together?

– The StumbleUpon “Top Stumblers” page is inaccurate given the publicly available statistics. Sometimes there are stumblers with very few pages, photos and videos stumbled that have inexplicably ended up there. It’s also not very complete, as there are some very potent stumblers, which a very high number of pages, photos and videos stumbled which are noticeably absent.

– I thought that StumbleRank would be a nice way to fix things, as I thought that it would take too long to get StumbleUpon to actually fix the Top Stumblers page.

2. Do you think the “power” of a Stumbler has much to do with how easily a page they Stumble ends up getting StumbledUpon by the masses?

– StumbleUpon used to have an ‘audience’ number for each user, i.e. larger audience meant a page you stumble gets shown to more people. There’s been speculation that the more fans+friends and positive reviews you have, the better your stumbles will fare
because your friends (especially when stumbling in friend mode) will get shown your stumbles. If *they* like them, then their friends get shown those numbers.

– They’ve since then they removed it and now they have friends+fans, which I believe accomplishes the same thing.

3. Do you people who want to game StumbleUpon using StumbleRank to find top Stumblers to “influence”?

– What I see happening is that people see who’s on the list, and people will try to friend them and learn from them what kinds of pages to stumble, how to generate positive reviews and make friends/network through StumbleUpon.

– Basically the ranking highlights the users that are, well, let’s say the gatekeepers of stumble activity? (if “gatekeepers” are the right term). I know I certainly go to the profiles of the top users to see what they’re sharing, how they maintain their profiles, and so on.

– For example, with the Digg top users list have people adding me to IM daily to ask me how to better Stumble, what sources to read/pick from, who to make friends with, what’s good and bad, and so on nd even if they don’t have these questions, I make friends with new diggers because of the list, daily

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{side note: Muhammad Saleem is one of the top 3 Diggers, whose username is msaleem}

4. Any worries of future legal repercussions from StumbleUpon, given the terms of service and how StumbleRank might be construed as a ‘derivative service’?

– I don’t imagine they will be taking the site down and if they, do, well that’s too bad then. I haven’t received any emails from StumbleUpon yet and StumbleRank has been live for a few days already.

– Besides if they shut it down because they fix their own site, and add something similar or better, then my goal is accomplished anyway.

5. Where do you see StumbleRank going in the future?

– Right now the site is very primitive, mostly because its hard to get data without an API. If an API is launched then that’s great. But in the meantime, I plan on adding more options to the mix.

– For example, the ability to rank users within different niches based on tags, ranking based on average votes/reviews on their discovered links, and so on. But this is all going to take time, which I don’t have a lot of right now


If you like StumbleUpon try StumbleRank, as it adds another dimension to StumbleUpon — and of course, if you love StumbleRank, don’t hesitate to Stumble it. ;)

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