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10 Interior Design Blogs to Follow in 2022

10 Interior Design Blogs to Follow in 2022

When writing an interior design blog it would be best that you constantly look for inspiration on ways to make your blog attractive to your readers. There are a couple of blogs that could provide you some ideas you could incorporate in your blog.

D’KOR HOME Interior Design Blog

Created by Dallas Interior Designer, Dee Frazier Interiors, this blog lets you take a closer look at common interior trends in Dallas luxurious homes. The blog showcases content that will give you ideas on how to give content that focuses on high-end interior design. Dee’s design preference is more on colorful, vibrant, and lively spaces.

Apartment Therapy

If you are looking for a blog that could share content such as home renovation or provide recommendations on services in your area like orange county rodent proofing, Apartment Therapy is a good blog to follow. The tone of their articles is fit for those who want to get realistic and achievable interior designs for their homes. They even offer tips according to your budget making it easy for families to achieve their design needs as seen in most apartments for rent in arvada co.

Becki Owens

Becki Owens initially started in Instagram sharing spaces she designed in California. Besides showing off the renovated spaces of her client, she also creates content in her blog site home improvement projects. Her interior design style is modern and clean. She is also quite popular as her designs are featured in Luxe Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and Architectural Digest.

Mad About The House

This blog by Kate Watson-Smyth won several awards in the UK such as Vuelio No 1 UK Interiors Blog and the Amara Interior Blog Awards Best Design Inspiration Blog. The blog focuses on articles that are usually not found in newspapers. Hence, it is more on guiding her readers on finding their own style guide.

Bright Bazaar

By the name itself, the blog reflects the interior style that focuses on brightening up spaces. The blog doesn’t only have content regarding home interior but it also has sections on travel, style, and life. The creator, Will Taylor, loves to share interior content on different living spaces (bathrooms, home office, kitchen, living room) and also the latest interior design collections.

Style by Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson started this blog 10 years ago with the goal of inspiring others with her relatable content. Her topics vary widely from sharing home renovation projects to personal style details that allow her readers to take a closer look at her team’s life. Her approach is mostly making her blog a space where ideas can be freely exchanged between her team and her readers.


Decorilla is an interior design company that offers online services. Their site also has a blog section with a vast amount of resources you can check out. The blog section caters to those who want to do DIY design projects. You can also check out their list of interior designers and choose to enlist someone that would fit with your design concept, personality, and liking.

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Tao of Dana

Dana Claudat is an expert in Feng Shui but also does home interior design. Her design philosophy is helping people change their life by encouraging me to follow Feng Shui. She believes that a few changes in your home setting can have an effect on your life. You will be able to see here ways you can also do Feng Shui in your space.

Decor8 Design Blog

Holly Becker started this blog in 2006 in order to help readers actualize their vision for their home. Becker’s design philosophy is making sure that you design your house according to what will make you feel happy, safe, and cozy. She is well known in the industry, even launching her own interior design collection for DEPOT.

Thrifty Decor Chick

Sarah initially wanted her site as a space where she can share her house projects with her friends and family. As she went on to grow her reading base, she had attracted readers wanting to renovate their home without the huge expenses. She shares home renovation projects that will be easy to follow and most importantly an affordable budget.

Interior Design requires a lot of inspiration in order to build your own design preference. It would be best that you check out these sites in order to find your style and help inspire people to follow your projects closely. You can check out all these resources in order to come up with your own home styling voice. That will attract some readers who will easily relate to your content.

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