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Fresh Ideas to Make Money Via Your Blog

Fresh Ideas to Make Money Via Your Blog

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While some people like to write because it is a great form of self-expression, establishing a blog could also lead you to a lot of great things in terms of financial success. 

Once you get to build an audience that is eagerly awaiting your next article, it could be time to look for monetization. 

There are plenty of ways you can do that and this article will give you an introduction to such ideas. See which one works for you the most.

Print on Demand Merchandise

Print on demand has become one of the most popular markets of e-commerce in recent years and continues to grow. Nowadays, people are looking to get more custom-made merchandise than ever, and it is not that surprising when you see the sales going up consistently.

The first thing that pops to head is probably a t-shirt, but this market is quite fulfilled at the moment. So perhaps some other novelty item could be your key to victory. For instance, Printify offers a lot of options where you can print your designs, including custom mugs, and you can check all the information here –  Custom Mugs – Create and Sell Custom Mugs with Your Design.


The cornerstone and one of the most profitable e-commerce ventures at the moment. Starting a dropshipping website from scratch can be a bother, but if you have an established blog, the problem of traffic lessens significantly.

There are a lot of variations where you can take your dropshipping business. As well as outside tools, such as Oberlo – a marketplace for dropshipping products. ProfitIndustry has a published Oberlo Review: Best Dropshipping with Shopify? guide recently. If you find yourself in a situation where finding the right products is too hard, be sure to give it a read.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around for quite a long time now and continues to be a primary monetization method for many blogs. The best part about it is that you can find affiliate partnerships for virtually any niche.

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You will not have to deal with inventory, staff, and other bothersome trivialities. Instead, the money will come whenever people click on your links and fulfill a call to action, be it buying, downloading, subscribing, or anything else you are willing to promote.

Ad Networks

Despite its recent decline in popularity, some bloggers continue to run ads on their websites and stick entirely to this method. 

And while ads might work out for now, it would seem that it is only a matter of time before you will have to look elsewhere. Ad blockers are becoming a thing even for an average internet user. But then again, while it is still viable, running an ad or two is just another way to add that extra dollar.

Photography Blog

If you like taking pictures as well, you could turn your blog into an advertising platform for yourself as a photographer or sell photos directly on the website. 

Gaming Blog

Video games continue to explode on all fronts and those who have passion for this industry should not have any problems coming up with enough content.

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Google Ads

A blog could become your gateway to other platforms. For instance, you could start your own YouTube channel and combine the two ideas. Streaming on Twitch TV is also an option as most popular personalities on Twitch make thousands of dollars every month for doing pretty much nothing else but playing video games.

Niche Blogging

If you have an interest in a very particular niche, it could be a good idea to try and start a blog on that. Depending on your luck, it is possible to end up with a very successful website and become an authority in your field.

How-to Blogging

People are always looking for information on the internet. You could be the one to provide that. How-to guides are pretty popular nowadays so it might take some time before you find a niche that still has room.


Another idea that will always be popular is traveling. Everybody loves to go out and visit new places but are often afraid due to a lack of experience or knowledge about a particular country.

Your stories could be the ice breaker and help everyone overcome this problem. Blogging while traveling is one of the most exhilarating-sounding ideas out there.

So to make a conclusion, there are plenty of methods that could work if you are looking to monetize your blog. Of course, you do not have to stick to just a single one of these. Combining multiple at the same time is perfectly fine and makes more sense in certain cases.

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