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Solopreneur Ideas for 2023

Solopreneur Ideas for 2023

solopreneur ideas

Want to start your own business in 2023, but you aren’t so sure of wanting to have others involved? A solopreneur is someone who handles all aspects of their business alone. They do all the hard work themselves without any W-2 employees and solopreneur ideas can range. All solopreneurs are entrepreneurs, but not all entrepreneurs are solopreneurs. It’s like the rectangle/square rule from elementary school.

A solopreneur is both the founder and employee of a company. But an entrepreneur may hire a team of W-2 employees to get the day-to-day tasks completed for the company. By going solo, you will still need to set up all of the necessary licenses to run a business legally. Many solopreneurs still use freelancers to do specific tasks like graphics, social media campaigns, blog posts, or financial advising.

5 Solopreneur Ideas for 2023

Small Shop Owner 

There are several platforms where solopreneurs can showcase their creativity for lower fees than bigger ticket platforms such as Etsy. From hand-drawn graphics and prints, to clothing, ceramics, and jewelry, there is a home platform for you whatever your niche is. As a small shop owner, depending on your location, you will have plenty of opportunities to set up a pop-up shop at small shop conventions or markets around your city, especially during the holiday seasons or warmer months for outdoor pop-ups.

Interior designer

Offering your services to style homes by your own name rather than under a larger company name is not only an attractive business model, but it is attractive to customers. Many customers will appreciate knowing exactly where their hard-earned dollars are going, rather than paying tons of fees with a larger company not knowing how much they are paying for the actual design service.

Pet Groomer/Doggy Daycare

Grooming and taking care of dogs out of your home or small shop instead of at a big-name place is another great solopreneur option. If you are a dog lover or have a dog of your own, there is a good chance you already have a circle of customers in your own neighborhood or city. Many dog owners will like this better because there will be typically cheaper prices and fewer dogs, meaning more intentional human interaction, AKA more bang for their buck.

YouTuber or Social Media Influencer

There are plenty of social media influencers and YouTubers. But lots of them have a marketing team or use freelance editorial pros to help them look great. By doing all of this work solo, you not only get all of the revenue for yourself. You also continue to learn along the way. It is very important to do all your work beforehand to make sure you are truly capable of doing all of the editing yourself.

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Depending on your location, there can be a fairly high number of potential customers in your neighborhood. You will be surprised by how willing people are to buy a homemade cake, batch of cookies, or any other dessert for their casual family nights, events, or special occasions. The niche will obviously be up to you. But creating your own brand to design wedding and birthday cakes can be not only an enjoyable experience. You can meet new people and travel all around your city, state, and beyond to share your delicious treats.


Starting your own business and doing all the hard work that comes along with that is challenging, but extremely rewarding as well. After reading this article you are left with 5 successful options to get your brainstorming started on your solopreneur ideas.

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