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Three Methods to Include Ads on Your Blog and Monetize

Three Methods to Include Ads on Your Blog and Monetize

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So you’ve started your blog and things are going well, congratulations! But now that you’re into the rhythm of creating and sharing your content, you think you’re ready to start making a little money with this puppy. The good news is that you’ve done things in the right order. The process begins with good and consistent content. How much money you make with a blog is directly tied to how many people see it. So, now it’s time to include ads on your blog.

After you start generating good content, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with content marketing. This will help you strengthen and raise the awareness of your brand, which will lead to more traffic for your blog. More traffic=more money from advertising.

While there are lots of ways to monetize your blog, we’re going to focus on adding advertisements. 

And to begin with, you must understand that “advertisements” is not a bad word. Ads on your blog are beneficial to your readers, giving them access to products or information that can help them. And as long as they are done right, they can add to the experience of reading your blog, not vice versa.

Google AdSense 

This is probably the most popular way to include ads on your blog, for obvious reasons. Nobody does the internet like Google. Just the sheer number of publishers and advertisers that use it is beneficial. It’s like the world’s largest internet company working for you.

Simplicity is another benefit. You create an AdSense account, they give you some code to put on your site, and you’re off and running. Then the power of Google goes to work for you, displaying targeted ads on your page that are relevant to the content.

Variety of ad formats is another Google benefit. In AdSense, advertisers can use images, text, video ads, and more. They come in all shapes and sizes. And with Google Analytics, you can figure out which ones work the best for you and your site.

Google AdSense also makes sense for beginning bloggers because there is no traffic minimum to apply and be accepted. Of course, low traffic means not much money will come in from advertising, but it is a good place to start.

Once your blog’s traffic increases, there are other options to investigate like Monumetric or Mediavine. And once you start pulling in really big numbers you may want to check out AdThrive.

Affiliation Advertisements

Affiliate advertising is where an advertiser pays you to promote products or services on your site. While this may be a viable revenue stream for your site it’s important to realize that these agreements are performance-based. Your readers have to perform an action. Either click on a link or actually purchase a product from the page where the link takes them.

Amazon and eBay are both big players in the affiliate advertising market, which presents another benefit. Amazon Associates, for example, lets you pick the type of ad and even select Amazon products to feature on your blog. So you can pick products that make sense for your blog and brand, and that are likely to draw interest from your readers. That makes them more likely to click on the ad and buy the product, which leads to you making a commission. 

Similarly, eBay Partner Network lets you choose from eBay’s auctions, and find the specific products you want to advertise on your site. 

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There are other affiliation advertising networks that might make sense for your blog, and a little more research will help you pick one that fits.

Sell the Ads Yourself 

Much of the advice you get deals with farming out the work to other companies. And there are a lot of instances where this makes sense.

But you may have readers, supporters, or even family members that would be willing to help. Local businesses like supporting local businesses, and that’s what your blog is. There might be small or family-owned companies in your hometown that would like the opportunity to show support to an up-and-comer.

If your blog is about fishing, find a local sporting goods store that might be willing to pay a few dollars each month to be on your site, promoting specific goods or events.

Even not-for-profits and charitable causes often have marketing budgets. Approach them about promoting an upcoming event they are having. The price will almost certainly interest them. Because it will be much less than they would pay for a traditional ad campaign.

To include ads on your blog and profit from them won’t happen overnight. Be careful not to put the focus on making money before you have the providing-good-content part down. But with a little patience and a little work, you’ll see that you can be creative and profitable at the same time.

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