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Don’t be the next Ellen Simonetti

Don’t be the next Ellen Simonetti

Remember Ellen Simonetti? She was the former Delta Airlines flight attendant who got fired for posting amusing pictures online of her posing provocatively in her uniform.

You are what you post on the Web. While it’s fun to share photos of your antics, it can also get you into a lot of trouble. A good rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t want your mom or employer to see it, don’t post it on the Internet.

Seventy seven percent of recruiters use search engines to perform background checks on job candidates according to ExecuNet. Ten percent of hiring managers size up recruits via social networking sites, with a whopping 63% dropping a candidate because they didn’t like what they saw, according to CareerBuilder.

The answer to sharing pictures and videos and staying out of hot water is a new private file-sharing service Quickeo, which avoids uploading files to a public Internet site for all to see. Quickeo sends an email to your chosen friends’ inbox. The recipient of the email is immediately able to watch or listen to the multimedia file(s) using Flash streaming. “Quickeomails” contain no attachments.

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Quickeo lets you share any file, any size (video, audio, photo, other) to anyone through email. Quickeo is a Microsoft Windows application. Only the sender of the Quickeomail needs to have the Quickeo application installed on his/her PC.

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  • I think this brings us to the next question:

    “Should we, or should we not, reveal our site(s) in job application forms?”

    Yes: This means opening up a very big part of ourselves to our “future employers”. And as far as personal blogs are concerned, we tend to curse and rant because it’s “our personal blog” so why can’t we?

    No: What if they found us via Google?

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