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First truly mobile social networking service launched

First truly mobile social networking service launched

VelvetPuffin announced the launching og the first integrated social networking service that allows its users to instantly communicate, create and share user-generated content of all types with friends and family through a mobile phone or desktop computer. Completely carrier independent and offered at no cost to the consumer, VelvetPuffin merges instant messaging and social networking to create truly mobile social networking. Taking a new approach to the desktop experience, it doesn’t require users to interact or obtain contact through a Web browser.

“VelvetPuffin breaks down the ‘walled garden’ experience that has traditionally characterized consumers’ mobile Web and community experiences,” said Jill Aldort, senior analyst at Yankee Group. “Better yet, the application provides a clean, user friendly and totally functional interface for IM, as well as sharing user-generated content across the PC and the mobile phone.”

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  • Still needs much improvement, but already rather addictive once you get the hang of it. Looks promising ….

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