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It’s a slam Dwank for

It’s a slam Dwank for

They’re dubbing themselves as the next “MySpace” for people who love home decor. A brainchild of Danish web designer Jakob Jelling, is a free web site that offers people from around the world the opportunity to upload pictures of their home, condo, or flat with anyone who cares to drop by the site and look at them.

So far there have been some pretty distinctive homes from around the world pictured on the site and Jelling wants to remind visitors that all homes are welcome. It doesn’t matter whether your home’s a mansion or a ranch – what matters most is how you’ve decorated it.

Jelling hopes that will soon become the “MySpace” of your space. “My goal is to provide a venue for people from all walks of life to showcase their little piece of the earth and share their decorating ideas, challenges, tastes and accomplishments with others who are seeking inspiration,” Jelling said. That the website provides an opportunity to explore other cultures as well is simply icing on the cake,” he added.

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With what I’ve seen so far, it seems like it’s a slam Dwank for Be careful though with what you post, the “anyone who cares to drop by the site and look at them” can be someone who is out to pay your place a visit, unknowingly to you.

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  • this is not a new idea – there are already several site out there that are doing this. dwank just dows it badly since there is no community feel. it’s the same as a flickr for home. for a better experience, go to HomeAndTell, Decor NextDoor, Central Roost.

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